Ever had a girl on Facebook or Orkut you were once friends with, may be just exchanged a few messages and then you drifted apart. May be you closed your account, or she moved you out of her friend list because you were so dormant. And then few years down the lane you see her in a news update on BBC talent, of Golden Globe awards or okay, Fimfare awards hanging onto the left arm of Ranbir Kapoor. Ahh! You hold your head. What a strategic mistake on your part. You should have never stopped being out of touch. You never know which of your penny-friends suddenly turn into pounds.

Traffic Problem of Kashipur

Kashipur is most deserving city for District HQ since a very long time. It is not so because of bad luck of people of this this city. Again nobody is thinking to control the TRAFFIC JAM issue of this city. At least four fly over is needed in this city urgently to make traffic free flowing. Conditions of road is very poor.

To resolve the issue of Traffic Jam at least four flyover is required

1) Raiway crossing near roadways

 2) Railways crossing near Ramlila ground

3) Railway crossing of Sugar Factory

My view about Kashipur

Hello Folks,

                     Good Day, Being a Kashipurian  sometimes hurts when we see developments around the City. In comparision with the adjacent cities like Moradabad,Bareilly and even Ruderapur haldwani Kashipur has not grown the way it should be! So far It deprived from being a District. No significant educational institutes have been established  in the the past but IIM has given a new ray of hope in creating an atmosphere of Intelect  in the region God Bless the natives of the city alongwith nation and the world.

Bye !

Virat Virat

In 2Virat Kohli, Image from Wikipedia007, in Wankhede stadium in Mumbai, Coach Lalchand Rajput requested Sachin Tendulkar to address the inexperienced boys of the under-19 India team that was shortly to leave for the New Zealand tour.

अपने पुत्र-पौत्र-प्रपोत्रों के हित में ...

जिन सज्जनों की आयु ५० वर्ष से ७० वर्ष के मध्य है वह जानते होंगे कि प्रकृति ने  काशीपुर एवं उसके आस पास उपहार स्वरुप कई नदियाँ, नहरें, झीलें, ताल, तालाब,  कुएं आदि दिए थे यह भी ध्यान होगा की शहर के बीचों बीच बहने वाला गन्दा नाला  किसी समय साफ़ सुथरे जल की नहर थी जिसका जल पीने के कार्य एवं घर के कार्यों  में प्रयुक्त किया जाता था, परन्तु आज तालाबों, झीलों को पाट दिए जाने से कुएं सूख गएँ हैं, कटोराताल भी पाट दिया गया जिस कारण से भूमि जल स्तर काफी गिर गया है नदियों के जल को फक्ट्रियों के गंदे पानी ने प्रदूषित कर दिया है, शहर में अब दो बड़े ताल रह गएँ हैं १)

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