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AK-47 Amar, Akhbaar, Anthony Goon-salves & the Boo-Farce

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Anthony Loves Fighting, Amar Has The Uniform, Akhbaar Loves To Talk & The Boo-Farce Loves to Boo.


Col. India of INA, arrives home after his release from a British prison to find his three sons starving and his wife Mrs India gone blind after a failed rape attempt by some political workers.

In a bizzare and fast turn of events everyone is separated. The eldest son Amar is adopted by an Armyman. A few years later he joins the National Defence Academy. The talkative son is adopted by the editor of a prominent newspaper and is renamed Akhbaar. The third son is adopted by a catholic priest in Kerala and is renamed Anthony Goon-salves.

After many years of legendary exploits in the Army earned him the epithet AK-47, both because of his unsparing attitude towards the enemy and his diehard commitment to root out corruption, Amar is finally appointed the Army Chief.

Akbaar has become the master of all trades. His newspaper company has expanded to be the foremost media conglomerate with significant online presence & a few TV channels as well. He flirts with national and international celebrities, page 3 models and corporates with equal ease and his charming smile gives him easy access to the corridors of power. He is fond of exotic cuisines, fine dining, the current rage on Paris ramps, Bollywood, Hollywood & and in a snap he can shift gears and talk with equal expertise on Sahir ludhianavi,‘Daag’ or NGO’s working for slums. Celebrities, political leaders & corporates all woo him and vie for space on the front page or page 3 of his newspapers.
Anthony Goon-salves has gone on to become a likeable, socially conscious rogue. Anthony loves fighting, even elections- so he has joined politics. Since he made God his partner long time back, God has wiped his slate clean every time somebody informed the police about his addas. And lo & behold partner, Anthony Goon-salves is the Defence Minister of the country where he is accountable to the Boo-Farce, the Parliament on all defence matters. Renamed Boo-Farce from Boo-force after the Bofors issue died, The Boo-Farce knows only to boo & turn the work into farce.

The plot takes an interesting turn. Now the three brothers do not remember that they are the sons of the same parents. They do not even seem to remember that they belong to the same country as they place their personal priorities or prejudices above their professional ethics and principles (or so it seems). They are not completely at fault for this. They have their own enemies who have things to gain from the brothers’ infighting.

Amar the Army Chief, is bursting with unresolved personal and national security issues and he writes letter after letter to Anthony but Anthony can’t read when he is too drunk. Meanwhile Akhbaar manages to get one of these letters leaked and create a furore. The Boo-Farce boos Anthony on his drinking in office. Though Anthony avoids fighting the ones with uniform, he fights with Amar as his actions are exposing his office drinking. But Amar has the uniform and He is not known as AK-47 for nothing. He takes off his olive green & makes cucumber salad of Anthony Goon-salves and deposits him on the steps of the Supreme Court.

But Akhbaar loves to talk and when he does, the Boo-Farce listens. It boos both the brothers & the Ui-PAa government long and hard in the house and provides further masala for Akhbaar. Akhbaar notices that they boo for the sake of booing. He points out that not even one of them cared to even squeak when the same, greater & graver national security concerns were raised in the CAG report tabled in the Boo-Farce, a copy of which was given to every Boo-MP including the Boo-opposition.
The next day Akhbaar writes a strong editorial leaving the national readership of his paper in a sombre mood, provoking introspection, reflection and worry on the current state of the country and absolute apathy of the national leaders towards the real issues. As a result of this Akhbaar falls out of favour of many of his political friends. He is slapped with a show cause notice for cancellation of the licence for one of his TV channels from the ministry of Information & Broadcasting on a technical issue

The movie ends here promising a sequel: Amar AK-47, Akhbaar & Anthony: Return with a vengeance. In the sequel the brothers will be again at logger heads while pursuing justice & meet at crossroads. Eventually with their joint effort, they will discover their common heritage and also the culprits who jeopardise their mutual relationships as well as the larger interests of their country.