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Rule for Using Safety helmet on Bike?????

In Kashipur more the 5 Months passed by implementing the rule of using Safety helmet on two wheeler but still it is not in practice.
To check the effectiveness of this rule I collected data of bikers with helmet and without helmet and found that 85% bikers are still without helmet. 5% bikers are those who are keeping helmet with him not using it (Only hanging on vehicle). Rest 10% are those who actually following the rule
These data are real

The rule for helmet is prepared for us only it can not be forcely implemented by giving& fine of& Rs 100 or Rs .........
I am still not able to understand that why people are not wishing to use Safety helmet
My humble request for all bikers is to use always use safety helmet and enjoy Safe riding

Choice will be yours........

आम चुनाव

आते हुए आम चुनाव को देखकर

हमारे मन में भी विचार आया

क्यों ना हम भी चुनाव लड़े

और राजनीती के chetra में ही आगे बढे

अग्नि देव

हे अग्नि देवतुम्हे नमस्कार,


बंद कक्ष में बैठ कर,

चित्त शांत अध्यन कर रहा था I

याद कर के लिख रहा था,

Traffic Problem of Kashipur

Kashipur is most deserving city for District HQ since a very long time. It is not so because of bad luck of people of this this city. Again nobody is thinking to control the TRAFFIC JAM issue of this city. At least four fly over is needed in this city urgently to make traffic free flowing. Conditions of road is very poor.

To resolve the issue of Traffic Jam at least four flyover is required

1) Raiway crossing near roadways

 2) Railways crossing near Ramlila ground

3) Railway crossing of Sugar Factory

 4) Railway crossing near Gaddha Colony Ramnagar road.


By Pass road is required to control the heavy traffic comming from Moradabad to Ramnagar. Ramnagar to Rudrapur. Moradabad to Rudrapur.

 No utilization of the new prepared Bridge of DHELA near Shamshan.

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