Tanda Ujjain

Khwaahish is one of the prominent Kashipur ( Uttarakhand)  based NGO registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882vide registration No. 98/2017 dated 11/05/2017, with the motto of “Educating the Underprivileged”and sowing the seed of primary education.

With a wide array of projects, Khwaahish primarily focuses on imparting education to the underprivileged children.

Influential figures and eminent people from the society joined the hands with fraternity to make each Endeavour of NGO a huge success. The organization witnessed tremendous growth in the past three years. The students who were admitted to private schools (under Project Dakhila) came out with flying colors, thus making us more determined about fulfilling our motto.

We have seen a remarkable improvement in the lifestyle of our students. They have inculcated basic table manners, learned to greet others and know well about how to maintain personal hygiene. This makes them now no less than students from other private schools.