Dreamhopping V

“So,” said Amat for the umpteenth time, leaving the crumpled tissue in the dinner plate “This guy at the German embassy, your classmate’s cousin, has invited you to this garden party at the ambassador’s residence.”

“Well, not exactly me,” said Midhat patiently, getting up and pushing the dining chair under the table, “He had invited Aakrosh but they have a family trip scheduled to Shirdi during that time so he asked his cousin, this Embassy guy, if he could pass on the invite to a friend who’d really appreciate i.e. me and then he asked me.”

“And the ambassador is throwing it for Tom Muller & his wife Lisa who would be in India on a private visit then. Right?”

“Right!. It’s a private party. Few personal guests of the ambassador, the embassy staff & their families…I have already told you all this Amat!” Midhat hid her irritation.

“What does his cousin do at the Embassy.” asked Amat, still not believing.

“I’m not sure but I think he’s the head of security there.”

Saif shook his head, "The Party gets over too late…"

“It’s not late Saif. It’s an Embassy,” said Midhat, “And Aakrosh’s cousin is going to be there and it’s not like we are going all the way from Aligarh for it- its three weeks from now and both Amat and I will be in our colleges in Delhi then.”

“It is an Embassy,” mimicked Saif, “as if all the security staff there has got nothing to do but protect you two.”

“Shut up Saif,” Midhat said, “Amat, don’t act up like this. You know I am doing this just for you.”

“And what if this whole Muller thing is just a prank,” Amat sang her song again.

“Impossible,” Midhat shook her head, “Aakrosh knows I will wring his neck… and that of the Embassy guy too…his cousin’s.”

Amat thought for a moment and said,” I’ll go only if I’m invited.”

Midhat said, “The invite is in my name and there is one companion allowed. You can come.”

Amat was persistent, “I’ll go only if I’m invited by name.”

Midhat grabbed the cellphone, “Ok I’ll check with Aakrosh if he can organize an extra invite in your name too.”

“Me too, “Saif said, “or I’ll tell mom you’re going to a late night party where you know no one.”

Midhat pressed the ringing cell-phone between her ear & shoulder, clenched her teeth and folded her hands towards her blackmailing siblings ...and nodded.

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